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Tewkesbury - The Return!!!!

This weekend see the long awaited return of the Tewkesbury medieval festival, commemorating the 1471 battle during the Wars of the Roses and one of Europe's largest events of it's kind.

The Battle of Tewkesbury, which took place on 4 May 1471, was one of the decisive battles of the Wars of the Roses in England. King Edward IV and his forces loyal to the House of York completely defeated those of the rival House of Lancaster. The Lancastrian heir to the throne, Edward of Westminster, Prince of Wales, and many prominent Lancastrian nobles were killed during the battle or executed. The Lancastrian king, Henry VI, who was a prisoner in the Tower of London, died or was murdered shortly after the battle. Tewkesbury restored political stability to England until the death of Edward IV in 1483.

Due to the pandemic, the last event was in 2019, so this is a well anticipated event!

Come and find us in the Lancastrian camp.

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